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Linear Title Successfully Integrates with Webster Bank


Linear TitleLinear Title is dedicated to constantly discovering new ways to improve its services. Innovation is, after all, a continuous process—as soon as a company stops improving itself, it begins falling behind.




Linear Title recently implemented an enhanced Webster Bank wire integration. As a result of these improvements, Linear Title now has drastically increased its escrow disbursement capabilities. The new integration between Linear Title and Webster Bank has streamlined the escrow process by sidestepping the time-consuming task of locating incoming wires on the bank website. Instead of manually searching for the wire by amount or name, Linear Title agents are able to locate relevant information instantly within their own systems.


Linear Title is now able to use the time and resources that were spent searching for transfers on other, more pressing matters. Double-checking figures and posting them to clients’ accounts, once a time-consuming task, is now easier and quicker than ever for Linear Title agents.


Linear Title now has incoming wire transfers sorted by amounts, names, and even file numbers right on their ResWare system. Such improvements in efficiency are especially important for a company like Linear Title, a growing company with an ever increasing transactional volume. With this new integration, Linear Title is taking the right steps toward reaching optimal efficiency and being able to provide the highest levels of customer service and quality.


The famous management consultant Peter Drucker once said, “Efficiency is doing better what is already done.” Linear Title’s integration with Webster Bank has provided Linear Title with a new way to increase its business capacity and has put Linear Title on the track to propel its disbursement figures to record highs.

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